Monday, September 13, 2010

Comments on Jiki Life Aka Japan Life

My friend once shared with me about Jiki Life (Japan Life). They basically managed medical devices in a way similar to real estate. 

E.g. Jiki Life sells me some medical devices (about $3K worth) and I'll get the "title deed" of the medical devices and become the owner of it. After which, I'll entrust Jiki Life to rent it out for me at 6% p.a. (about $15/mth). After 20 years, I either get back the $3K that I've paid for the devices or $3K worth of medical devices and it continues. During this period, the medical devices' maintenance fee will be paid by Jiki Life as they'll do all the fixing and repairing if there's any issue with them. The "tenant" will pay for the rental commission, the fees required to handle all the rental and other rental related issues. [This is the usual deal]

During that sharing, there's this promotion on the deal:
  1. Half Price: I pay $1.5K and own $3K worth of medical devices so my rent is 12% p.a. (About $30/mth).
  2. 1 for 1: I pay $3K and own $6K worth of medical devices so my rent is 12% p.a. (About $60/mth).
  3. 2 for 3: I pay $6K and own $15K worth of medical devices so my rent is 15% p.a. (About $75/mth).
For these promotion, after 20 years, I can only get back the amount that I've paid for or the equivalent worth of medical products.
For this plan, the bet is that Jiki Life will always be in business and the medical devices are highly sought for so that it'll always be rented by some hospital / clinic, etc. Should Jiki Life not be in business, my agent is the only person that can help me continue to collect the rent for the equipment, so my agent has to be very trustworthy and it'll help me in terms of my bet in this investment. I'm not sure if the promotion is still valid 'cos it's been quite a long time since I heard about it. And promotion 1 and 2 is actually the same thing.


  1. crap..jiki life is from asayo group read from what happen to asayo group now still the same happen

  2. Thanks for sharing. Honestly speaking, my sharing is purely based on my trust for my friend that shared it with me. And I'm actually sharing to let others know that there's such an investment around.

    That's why I've mentioned that by investing, you are betting on your agent (for my case is my friend), and the company itself. It is NOT a recommendation for investment itself.

    For me, I haven't invested in it 'cos the investment period is too long term for me to do any form of leveraging and the returns is not exactly a lot, if for the same duration, I rather buy safer REITs, where I know they won't close down. :P

    I'll need to ask my friend about it as I've another friend that actually invested in the product itself!

  3. The truth is, I trust my friend more. Had asked my friend and found out that there are indeed some bad news on the entire issue. I liked his prompt and honest reply.

    But here's what my friend has to say:
    "What happened was all of these companies (Astromag, VE and DW) are actually started and run by ex-employees of Asayo Group after they realised that they could have made cheaper but similar looking products in China, thereby earning a larger margin. Many fraud cases resulted before they left and this left a very bad reputation for the industry as a whole.

    However, Asayo Group remained steadfast and never wound down business (I carried out my own research on ACRA). They still continue to rent and sell their products as they are indeed from Japan. As for the poor chap on the forum that was given a wrong website, this is the official Japan Life website, You can use a browser translator to read it, though it may not be 100% accurate."

    I've visited it and it look pretty real and honest to me but it'll be better if it's in English, as there's only another chinese version of it. They probably had changed for the better by now.

    For me is, if I were to invest in the product itself one day, I'm sure I'll look for my friend to do it, at least I'll be able to sleep better and feel more comfortable about it. Should I not invest, it's probably due to the low returns.

    Not everything in the forum are true. You are able to get back your capital after 20 years in the way I've mentioned. Plus you have an option of exiting after 1 year, with your interest and capital. I felt that they are just exaggerating the entire situation.

    I'm not too sure about the intentions of the people that post the comments, it could really be true to a certain extend. But it's probably sometime ago. Then after that, it's just like MLM, once bitten, twice shy. There are lots of people condemning it just because of some black sheep in certain honest companies. Would you give a company with honest agents that wants to turn around a 2nd chance, and the black sheep had already left? Just some food for thought...

  4. Hi Ru,
    just a question as I was reading up info regarding Jiki life. Is your friend still working there and are there any updates? I know this post is dated 2yrs back, but I would appreciate your help.
    I know its not MLM because they have a system that's comparable to sales and its a commission-based job that does not require any admission fee when joining the company.

    Would like your take on this.

  5. I've not contacted my friend much about this investment but I do have another friend of mine who had invested in this one and is happy with it. As for myself, I rather invest in things with better returns or at least both similar returns per annual and with possibility of capital appreciation :)

    Are you looking at joining them for this job or something? If so, you can try leave me a comment with your contacts and I'll email you my friend's contact details.